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Are you ready to begin building your retirement account? Do you need a loan to purchase your dream home or business? Columbia Savings & Loan Association has been serving commercial and individual accounts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, since 1924. We offer loans for homes and businesses, as well as personal loans. As a proud member of the FDIC, our full-service office can help you allocate and grow your investments in a secure bank. When you need financial guidance that will safeguard investments, place your trust in us at Columbia Savings & Loan Association. Visit our location today to speak with a member of our staff.

About Us

Since 1924, we’ve been dedicated to keeping residents of Milwaukee financially healthy.


We have mortgage programs that will help you realize the dream of owning your first home.

Church Loans

We can help you grow your ministry and your spiritual impact on the community.


We’ll make certain that you’re financially stable so you can follow your retirement dreams.